Brooke Simpson

Brooke Elizabeth CD Doula Services

I am the founder of Brooke Elizabeth and loving mother to four awesome boys. My husband Mark and I have been together for over a decade now. Needless to say, these boys are my world!

I found that in becoming a certified doula I have discovered my passion and my life’s purpose. With each step taken to becoming a doula I could feel the fire within me grow and grow and just knew it was meant for me. I cannot express the gratitude I feel at being welcomed into the birth space and being needed and appreciated for the work that I do. I bring peace, love and endless support into the birth space and take home lessons learned and growth within myself.

My desire to be there to help women through the process of transforming from womanhood into motherhood is endless. The process is empowering and beautiful and I appreciate every single client. It is my goal and mission to help you and your partner have the best birth experience possible.

With Love,

Brooke Simpson CD(DONA)

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