Jennie Hudson Sehlke

Hudson Heart Doula

In 1997, I had a very long labor, but positive, birth experience, with my first born. I had an amazing nurse-midwife who was my support person and was with me through each contraction. I had never felt so brave and empowered. My midwife’s guidance & support helped me allow my body (& mind) to do what it was made to do…birth a child.

After that experience, I looked into becoming a midwife, but realized that I would eventually want to become a Doula. When I was pregnant for my second child in 2001 in a different town, I had assumed that all nurse-midwives were created equal. Within, 10 minutes of being admitted, I realized it was going to be a completely different experience. This is where I learned of the ‘cascade of interventions.’ I was just a patient with no voice & the entire experience was stressful. Luckily, I had a healthy baby boy.

The second experience was more in line of the birth & labor experience I was hearing for many women. I was shocked. I then realized I was blessed to have had such a wonderful first experience. This reinforced my belief in the role of the Doula. For many years, I was logistically unable to move forward to begin my Doula career. The stars have finally aligned & I am beyond thrilled that I am now a Birth Doula. I love the pregnancy & birthing experience & newborns. As a Birth Doula, my role is to encompass both emotional & physical support for the birthing person & their birth partner, as well as being their advocate & making sure they are heard and feel safe. I am married to my husband, Matt. I have a daughter, Mayah, son, Noah and a step-son, Preston. We also have 2 dogs Bodhi (12) & Utah (4). We have a travel trailer & enjoy camping along the lakeshore in our spare time.

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