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Tammy Villavicencio

When Tammy was pregnant with her first child she was living in Mexico, working with a non-profit organization. Tammy helped those who were at-risk and living in extreme poverty.  It seemed the cultural norm that pregnant women went through their pregnancy without really understanding what their body was going through and they didn’t know what to expect during birth. They were going through their pregnancy with a huge void in a vital part of their motherhood journey – support and knowledge. Thankfully, Tammy had the opportunity to take birthing classes and was surrounded by supportive and loving people during her birth in San Diego. She saw what a difference it made in her experience verse the experience of those she knew who didn’t have the opportunity to learn. When her daughter was born something else was born along with her – a passion to help women  have the same opportunity – to have education and support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.

Tammy is a certified doula through Global Childbirth Educator Network and have been teaching pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum classes since 2013. Her desire is to empower women by educating them on how their body works, what options are available to them, and to help them make the best birthing decisions for them and their family.

Native to the Lansing area Tammy moved back here with her husband and two kids in the summer of 2015. She loves to cook, especially authentic Mexican food. She enjoys relaxing with good people, taking long baths and reading intriguing novels.

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Tammy Villavicencio