New Owl Doula Postpartum Care

Sarah-Beth Censoni-Johnson

New Owl Doula Postpartum Care

Sarah-Beth has been a postpartum doula since 2014 in the Portland, OR and Lansing, MI areas.  She is accredited through DONA International, which has given her extra education in addition to her initial doula training, though her greatest education has come through helping moms, babies and families adapt to their new life together.  
Sarah-Beth’s greatest passion is to help moms after the birth of their baby, whether it be their first or fifth.  The first few months of mother/child bonding are crucial psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually.  As a postpartum doula she will provide breastfeeding support, much needed rest/sleep for moms and partners, advice on a range of topics affecting babies, birth recovery, etc and will find local professional resources when needed.  
Sarah-Beth is a part of the Lansing Doula Network and is passionate about serving in her community.
Please contact with any questions or interest for a free consultation. For more information on DONA International, you can go to
Contact information Sarah-Beth Censoni-Johnson PCD(DONA) 503-593-1273