Alexandra Harper-Brees

Bear and Nurture

Hello, I’m Alexandra. I’m a mama, writer, yoga instructor, and DONA-certified Birth Doula.

The two phrases that define my practise are holistic and evidence-based. I work with each family from pregnancy through birth and into early postpartum ensuring they feel safe, confident, and informed every step of the way. Whether it’s figuring out if your due-date is accurate, to resolving a newborn’s tongue-tie, I am there to inform and connect families to the resources that will help them flourish. For instance, I always provide ideal fetal positioning exercises for pregnancy–because a well-positioned baby encourages the body in a faster, easier labor. Before becoming a doula I was a journalist and professional writer, so I’m also a research nerd. Because of this, it’s important to me that I make sure my clients have up-to-date, evidence-based resources so they can be sure they are making informed and reliable choices for their birth and baby. 

I have attended hospital births, home births, natural births, medicated births, ideal births, complicated births and everything in-between. I pride myself on being open-minded and working to prepare my clients for the birth they want, the scenarios that could arise, and how to advocate for their rights at each step of the way. I support my clients in keeping body-autonomy during labor, giving informed consent for any procedures, and helping to protect the sacred space of labor. This extends to the postpartum where I give my clients tools to be aware of and reduce their chances of postpartum depression and how to encourage a successful breastfeeding experience.

My journey to becoming a doula began unexpectedly when a friend-of-a-friend gave me a ride during a visit to Albuquerque. The half-Navajo mother told me about her empowering experiences in natural birth and my curiosity was so piqued, it spiraled out to become my life’s calling. My own stories, years later, of birthing my two daughters were both empowering, but very different, situations. My first was a sudden hospital birth when I developed unexpected preeclampsia. I hired my home-birth midwife as my doula, fought for a gentle, slow induction and three days later I delivered my girl naturally into the arms of that midwife while standing. For my second I chose a homebirth and as the pregnancy went completely normal, I birthed her in the lunge position after an intense but empowering 4 hour labor. In both scenarios my doula training made a huge impact in my preparation and advocacy for myself and my baby. It left me feeling calm and encouraged that I was making good and sound decisions for my baby and my body. 

I’m also a co-founder of Better Birth Jackson and am passionate about making doula services affordable to as many families as possible. To that end I offer one unpaid doula package a year to a family in need and am currently working to find more grants and programs that bring doula services within reach of everyone. When I’m not helping people rock their births, I love to garden, read, travel, cook and volunteer for causes that support the environment, build community, or promote social justice. I also really love hiking. My husband and I hiked the Camino de Santiago across Spain with my first daughter when she was 10 months old and it was the 2nd most empowering experience of my life after giving birth. 



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