All Body Kneads, LLC

Bilky Joda-Miller CMT, LMT, CFT, Doula

Bilky Joda-Miller is the founder and owner of All Body Kneads, a massage therapy center in Lansing Michigan and she loves delivering a therapy that is both a renewing and rejuvenating experience for all of her clients, especially her pre-natal and post partum clients.

After working with pre-natal and postpartum clients, Billky decided to take the next step and train as a Doula so she could extend her services as a Doula and provide comfort, educational, emotional and physical support to her clients. She decided to train as with DONA and she is now certified and has been a doula for over 2 years. The experience of helping deliver a new life into this world never ceases to amaze and capture Bilky. If you want to learn more about her and philosophy, please check out her website at

Contact Information
All Body Kneads llc.
3333 South Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 102
Lansing, MI 48910-4795
Office: 517-898-2899
Cell: 517-256-6596

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