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Taylor Bodell

Taylor is a passionate doula, who loves all things pregnancy and birth. A wife, and mother of two. She wants to give every laboring person the support they truly deserve and desire. She has attended hospital births, home births, complicated, and uncomplicated births as a doula and she wants all laboring people to feel supported and safe. It is her goal to empower her clients as well as help guide them into their future in whatever way they find is the best for them and their family.
After giving birth to her second, and seeing the difference between labors she knew the support system was the biggest factor in creating the birth that she desired. Feeling grateful to have had constant support through labor and not being able to forget how empowering it felt to feel educated, and in charge of her own birth, she began looking into becoming a doula.
Taylor is a labor, and bereavement doula certified through Stillbirthday and PAIL and is currently pursuing certification as a prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor. Taylor offers many different packages to help fit the needs and desires of all of her clients.


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