Doula Events

Lansing Doula Training

May 4th – 7th

Birth Worker Event  – Pelvic Floor Training

Sept 19th, 6-8pm. FREE

It Takes a Village – How Birth Workers and PTs Can Work Together to

Improve Maternal Health

Dr. Karen Litos has been building bridges between healthcare providers in the Greater Lansing area for almost ten years with the sole goal of helping improve women’s health. She is the area’s only board-certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist and obstetrics-trained PT.  Karen comes from the perspective of it takes a village…women benefit the most during pregnancy and postpartum when all members of the healthcare team are working together. She has developed strong relationships with physicians, nurses, doulas, and other like-minded healthcare providers that have earned her a national reputation of excellence and integrity in evidence-based obstetrics practice and is excited to share information with the Lansing Doula Network members and other birth workers in the area. Learn more about current evidence about common birth-related injuries that persist in postpartum and what PTs can do to help, how to utilize a simple screening tool to identify your patients at risk, and general guidelines for referral of postpartum moms to women’s health PTs.