For Doulas

Interested in becoming a doula? We have a DONA training coming to Lansing this July!

What to expect:

Join Jessica English for an amazing DONA certified training, here at The Willow Tree Family Center. This event is an all day commitment 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. For more information on investment and registration please follow the link here:


July 18th-21st 2019

For Doulas
This collaborative will allow potential clients to more easily find their perfect doula by being THE resource for families who are seeking out a doula. Here is a highlighted list of what you, as a doula, can expect to gain from participating in our network.

  • Meet the Doula Night – Regularly scheduled event nights in which potential clients can come to learn about doulas and meet doulas in our area. Doulas will be able to sign up to be the speaker for the nights
  • Doula Database/Website – Doulas will be able to create a profile on this website to highlight their strengths and interests and enable clients to search for doulas. This will be free advertising for the doula and help clients find doulas that are best matched for their families.
  • Building Clientele– In addition to the opportunities above, doulas will be able to be listed on the Provider Directory on the Willow Tree Family Center website, which will include your contact information and a link to your own business website. We are also pairing with local area hospitals and agencies with a goal of increasing doula-attended births and advertise the benefits of doulas to the public.
  • Networking – You will be able to network with other doulas in the area to provide back-up and support for each other as well as mentorship opportunities.

If you are interested please contact us today and we will schedule a meeting to talk about the opportunities available with the Lansing Doula Network, email us at


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