Benefits of Doula Support


Peace of Mind

We are not accustomed to putting a price tag on such intangibles as peace of mind, relaxation and reassurance. These are a few of the valuable benefits of working with a doula. Just as valuable, however, is that these intangibles can lead to the actual physical benefits listed below fewer medical interventions, faster healing and better postpartum health.

Evidence-Based Services

Over many centuries and throughout various countries women have gathered to support one another during labor and birth. Numerous studies conducted over the past fifteen years concluded that there are no adverse effects to having continuous laborsupport, but the benefits are plentiful.

According to the recent Cochrane Review published by Hodnett ed al. (2012) doula care has shown to:

  • more likely to give birth “spontaneously” (without a caesarean, vacuum or forceps)
  • less likely to have interventions
  • more likely to have a shorter labor
  •  babies are less likely to have low 5 minute APGAR scores
  • more likely to be satisfied with birth

Dads and Doulas

A doula’s role is to support a family meet their goals and to support the partner to their desired level of comfort. A doula will help to guide a dad to offer types of support: physical, verbal and emotional. Doulas also encourage dads to stay nourished and rest when possible, and provide information on labor and birth process. Doulas help dads conserve energy, feel more confident and ensure mom has constant support.